The Global City: Past and Present: “Peoples”: IHR London Programme

The Global City: Past and Present
An AHRC International Research Network

Workshop 3: “Peoples”

Institute for Historical Research, London, May 26th-27th, 2016

May 26th

Introduction: 10.15am

Session 1: 10.45am-12.30pm

Bringing the Empire Home, Chair: Joe McLoughlin (Ohio U.)

Lisa Voigt (Hispanic Studies, Ohio State U.), “Performing Global Cultures in Early Modern Lisbon”

Rosie Spooner (Art History, Glasgow), “The Exhibition as City and the City as Spectacle”

Lorelle Semley (History, Holy Cross College), “Bordeaux, Forgotten Black Metropolis”

12.30-1.15pm: Lunch

Session 2: 1.15pm-3pm

Identity in the Globalizing City, Chair: Jane Mangan, (Davidson College)

Kristie Flannery (History, University of Texas, Austin), “Negotiating heterogeneity in early modern Manila: Cesar Fallet, from foreigner to vassal (1745-1760)”

Liat Maggid Alon (Middle East Studies, Ben Gurion University), “People in Egyptian Metropoles: Social hierarchies, Physical layout and the Human Landscape in the first half of the 20th century”

Jose Antonio Gonzalez Pizzaro, Claudio Galeno Ibaceta, and Marcelo Lufin (History/Economics/Architecture, Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile) “Antofagasta, a city in the Atacama desert: Immigration, globalization, and nitrate industry, 1880-1930”

3-3.30pm: Coffee

3.30-5pm: Keynote Lecture followed by questions:

Lynn Hollen Lees (History, University of Pennsylvania) “”The Ubiquity of the Cosmopolitan City: Urban Identities in Non-nationalist Worlds”


7.00pm Dinner for Participants

May 27th

Session 1: 9.45-11.15am

Making and Managing Multi-Ethnic Populations, Chair: Susanne Lachenicht (Uni. Bayreuth)

Margaret Hunt (History, Uppsala) & Phil Stern (History, Duke University), “Ethnicity, Crisis, and Empire: Making English Bombay in the late 17th Century”

Pedro Luengo (History, Seville), “An Introductory approach to Chinese quarters in 18th century Southeast Asia”

Randy Sparks (History, Tulane U.), “The Peopling of an African Slave Port: Annamaboe and the Atlantic World”

Coffee: 11.15-11.45

Session 2: 11.45-1.15pm

Migration and the City, Chair: Matthew Davis (IHR, Centre for Metropolitan History)

Subhadeep Kumar (History, Hyderabad), “Controlling populations and Contagion, Producing the Colonial City; Indian Labourers in the exclosures of British Empire”

Steve Pieragastini (History, Brandeis U.), “Shanghai at the center: Migration and the Asian metropolis”

Michael Ferguson, (Middle Eastern Studies, SOAS) “Izmir as a city of displacement, 1850-2015”

Lunch: 1.15-2.00

2pm-3.45pm: Summing Up and Concluding Discussions

Trevor Burnard (History, University of Melbourne)

Peter Taylor (Geography, Northumbria University)

4pm: Public Lecture

Jennifer Robinson (Geography, UCL) “Post-democracy meets post-colony: London as a theory destination”


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