YAP (YOUNG) CONSTRUCTO 2011 - Matucana 100, Santiago de Chile.

Este jueves 15 de diciembre se inaugura YAP_CONSTRUCTO 2011, programa de arquitectura joven asociado al MoMA, en Matucana 100 a las 19 horas. Más información: www.constructo.cl www.moma.org/yap

Este año el proyecto ganador del concurso de arquitectura joven, fue Water Cathedral de GUN arquitectos de Valparaíso.

Designers: Jorge Godoy and Lene Nettelbeck; Alexis Machado, Francisco Calvo, José Manuel Morales The Water Cathedral is a large, horizontal urban nave for public use. The structure is made up of numerous slender, vertical components, which hang or rise like stalactites and stalagmites in a cave, varying in height and concentration. The project incorporates water dripping at different pulses and speeds from these hanging elements, fed by a hydraulic irrigation network. When filled with small amounts of water, the stalactite components act as interfaces out of which water droplets gradually flow and cool visitors below. The stalagmites topography provides elements of shade, along with plants and water that collect under the Water Cathedral’s canopy.

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