Jean Prouvé's demountable bungalow

Vía Wallpaper

At this year's Design Miami/ Basel, Galerie Patrick Seguin will be bringing one of Jean Prouvé's 6x6 m demountable bungalows back to life - and then dismantling it again - every single day. First created for war victims in Lorraine, France, in 1944, these bungalows were a startlingly modern and practical solution to temporary housing, constructed out of wood and metal. The components were shipped directly to bomb-devastated villages, where they could be assembled on site in a day by three people. Due to shortages of materials and funding, and the need for permanent housing, production for these temporary structures never got beyond the limited series stage. But to celebrate Prouvé's feat of demountable architecture, a team of three people will be setting up the bungalow in the gallery's booth from 11am to 7pm, before a second, nocturnal team will take it down and crate each of the elements, every day of the fair, from 14th to 18th June

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