Noche Zero – our time to embrace darkness 16th – 18th October 2012.

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Noche Zero is an inspirational event about the role of darkness in the modern cities, lighting design and life.

As urban populations expand rapidly and the global population migrate to our cities, there is more need than ever to embrace darkness. We need to consider its importance with regard to light pollution and our view of the night sky, its impact on human health, ecology and energy and how to manage the balance of light and dark within future cities.

Organised by DIAV, Light Collective and UCN, Noche Zero is an educational summit and darkness experience in San Pedro in the Atacama desert. This collaboration is targeted at an international group of influential people working in and linked to urban lighting design, culture, art and heritage, astronomy, neurobiology and biology related to darkness and the night sky. The aim is to connect Design and Science, to celebrate darkness and to create a joined up methodology for light and urban design in order to help preserve darkness.

Tuesday 16: Seminar + Night observation.
Wednesday 17: Seminar + Starry Night Event
Thursday 18: Think Tank – The Atacama Manifesto

Noche Zero Public In San Pedro (Parallel Program)
Tuesday 16: Viaje a las Estrellas (Stars Trip) – Astronomical Workshop for kids
Wednesday 17: The Light Box – Lighting Design Workshop for kids

Noche Zero Public In Antofagasta
Thursday 18: Public Media Exhibition: Photography + Star Film Festival.
Friday 19: Public Media Exhibition + Closing event.

Speakers include Lighting Designers; Mark Major and Karou Mende, Ian Cheney, Director of The City Dark, Professor George Brainard of JFU and NASA and Cipriano Marin from the UNESCO Starlight Initiative. The final day of this event is set aside for a think-tank where all present can contribute to a “crowd sourced” way forward – The Atacama Manifesto. How can we take the learning, passion and knowledge from this event and make a difference?

The Atacama Desert is the driest place on earth with the clearest sky on the planet and one of the world’s epicentres for astronomical observation. The most stunning starry skies on earth will be the backdrop to this unique opportunity to hear the multiple viewpoints of leading experts and for you to contribute to a new way of treating and understanding the role of darkness in urban lighting design.

Also found in this area of Chile are the biggest observatories in the world, the stunning salt lakes, geyser, ghost towns, beaches and amazing landscapes.

Noche Zero is more than just a meeting, event, seminar and workshop – it is the experience of a lifetime. Did you know that nearly half of the worlds population has lost naked eye visibility of the Milky Way? This is your chance to help change that statistic…

For more information: www.nochezero.org and follow Noche Zero on Facebook and Twitter
Supported by: PLDA, IDA, LUCI, Starlight Initiative for UNESCO, Chilean Ministry of Energy.

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