Juan Fontanive, Flipbook Machines o El arte cinético de Juan Fontanive

Vía Juan Fontanive/Vimeo.


The Lake from Juan Fontanive on Vimeo.

In The Lake, 2006, the brushy image of a fish seems to swim from one flipbook-like boxy metallic machine to the next, producing a perpetually flowing shoal of three hand-drawn mechanical fish, disappearing and reappearing in waves of paper.

Juan Fontanive creates machines that combine moving images with clockwork mechanisms. His hand-made screens and metal structures are deeply influenced by the moving image — from shutters and reels to illusory flickering. Responding to the lack of movement found in our current electronics age, he is interested in actual movement in relation to virtual. His machines long to free images; they combine to form a medium in themselves exploring the vividness of living things.


Ornithology, 2013 flip book machine from Juan Fontanive on Vimeo.

Like Fontanive’s spectral contraptions, ordinary ghosts demand the attention of all of the senses. Ghosts are heard and felt as much as they are seen: they may appear before us, or equally they enjoy setting fires, dragging chains, rapping on tables. In many ways, Fontanive’s artworks seem strangely possessed, producing curiously moving animals that are neither living nor dead, or creating ghostly systems which seem to float mid-air and follow a pace and logic of their own. -Gilda Williams


Colibri from Juan Fontanive on Vimeo.

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