Lina Bo Bardi en Italia, 19 diciembre 2014 a 15 marzo de 2015, MAXXI, Roma

Vía MAXXI / Arquitectura Viva.

Curated by Margherita Guccione
MAXXI Architettura Archives Centre
In collaboration with Domus and Instituto Lina Bo e Pietro M. Bardi
Technical sponsor ARPER SpA
With the participation of The Piranesi Experience, Rome

A “small” exhibition dedicated to a “great figure,” Lina Bo Bardi, a pioneer of Italian architecture, on the occasion of the centennial of the architect’s birth.

This exhibition retraces the History of Lina Bo, in the form of a reverse chronology: from 1946, the year she left for South America with her husband Pietro Maria Bardi, back to her graduation in Rome in 1939.
It tells the story of her intense and tormented years in Milan, prior to her departure for Brazil, a nation she adopted as her home and where she finally found personal and professional satisfaction.

In Milan, together with Carlo Pagani, Lina received her first professional commissions, despite the limitations imposed by the War. In parallel, she was a member of the editorial board of various architectural journals and instructive publications

In addition to designing buildings connoted by a significant material and expressive strength, evidence of a consistent attention toward the social responsibility of architecture, Lina also created multi–coloured imaginative worlds in her drawings: a highly personal iconographic universe that would consistently accompany her development as an architect. These are the origins of Lina Bo Bardi’s history, evoked in her Curriculum letterario (Literary Curriculum); a history of ideas at the time considered avant–garde, and extremely relevant to this day; a history written and drawn entirely by her.

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